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Couples Counseling for Relationship Maintenance

Posted by Sara Levitsky on Sunday, April 26, 2015 Under: Relationships

Couples Counseling for Relationship Maintenance

Couples counseling isn't only used to fix a "broken" relationship.  It can be a very useful tool for maintenance and upkeep - keeping things running smoothly BEFORE something "breaks."  According to Amanda Green for PsychCentral, here are 7 signs you might want to add in couples counseling to strengthen your relationship:

1.  You keep having the same fight.
2.  "It's not you, it's me." (Personal internal unhappiness)
3.  You're unhappy with your sex life.
4.  You and your partner are experiencing a major life change.
5.  You get more emotional support outside your relationship than in it.
6.  Your partner asks for couples counseling.
7.  You're committed to your relationship.

For more details read the full article here:

7 Signs It's Time to Consider Couples Counseling
by Amanda Green

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