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Co-Parenting Therapy

Posted by Sara Levitsky on Thursday, April 30, 2015 Under: Divorce

Co-Parenting Therapy

As a follow up to my last post - this is actually a spin on couples counseling - but with the focus on successful un-coupling and co-parenting.  

Co-Parenting Therapy can help those in all stages of separation and divorce create a more peaceful and positive experience for their children.  A good point made in this article is that children don't get a divorce - they are still the child of each parent.  

According to the author, Shendi Tuchman, PsyD, "Research has shown that when parents are able to put their differences aside and work to establish a post-divorce family that is not characterized by conflict, most children are able to adapt well to the changes in the family structure."  Also, "having a relationship with a co-parenting therapist can help you create an amicable relationship with your ex and protect your children from unnecessary conflict."

For the full article on, including five ways Co-Parenting Therapy is helpful, please click the link below:

5 Good Reasons to Try Co-Parenting Therapy
by Shendi Tuchman, PsyD

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