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Rename Anxiety - And Listen to What it's Trying To Tell You

Posted by Sara Levitsky on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, In : Anxiety 

By renaming her anxiety "Unbelievably Creative Imagination" (UCI), the author of this story changed her perspective and was able to be more kind and accepting of herself - and less afraid.  

She says "I was the one who had turned anxiety into some sort of creepy horror movie character, when really all she was, was a version of me who just wanted to be heard and loved."

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How To Make Anxiety Work For You, Not Against You
by Anonymous

via Tiny Buddha

image courtesy of nen...
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Alcohol and the Anxiety Hangover

Posted by Sara Levitsky on Thursday, October 23, 2014, In : Anxiety 
If you struggle with social anxiety and use alcohol to feel better when out with friends or large groups, you might actually be making your anxiety worse.  Interesting article suggesting eliminating alcohol in order to improve your wellness, and put feeling better above fitting in.

"The paradox is that while alcohol serves as a social lubricant and works in the moment to stave off anxiety, the aftermath of alcohol consumption, especially for highly sensitive people, is an anxiety hangover the ...
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