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"Alcohol gave me an escape route from me"

Posted by Sara Levitsky on Saturday, May 2, 2015 Under: Addiction

Lucy Rocca is the founder of a website called, a social networking community for women choosing to be healthy and happy and live without alcohol - ex-drinkers and those trying to give up drinking.  

Her article on MindBodyGreen is her personal account of how she realized alcohol was destroying her and causing her anxiety and panic.  She says that while going through difficult times in her life, instead of dealing with the actual emotions, she masked them with alcohol - thus causing her to lose her ability to cope with future difficult times.  A cycle which finally ended when she got sober and let her true self emerge.

For the full article on MindBodyGreen, please click below:

How I Realized Alcohol Was Ruining My Life
by Lucy Rocca

In : Addiction 

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