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Managing Difficult Challenges

August 4, 2018

Use this toolkit to rebuild and recover after adversity.  

1.  Take stock and face the facts of the situation.
2.  Assume responsibility - and trust in your ability to make change.
3.  Make a plan and focus on your resources.
4.  Be patient with the process of change.
5.  Challenge negative thoughts, soothe negative emotions and manage negative behaviors.
6.  Realistic Optimism - as in, is this actually unbearable, or is it just uncomfortable?
7.  When you hear self criticism, practice self care and self compassion.

For more information about these tools read the full article:
7 Strategies for Managing Difficult Life Challenges
by Christiana Star

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Self Care Is Not Selfish

June 4, 2017


Rename Anxiety - And Listen to What it's Trying To Tell You

October 27, 2015
Rename Anxiety - And Listen to What it's Trying To Tell You

By renaming her anxiety "Unbelievably Creative Imagination" (UCI), the author of this story changed her perspective and was able to be more kind and accepting of herself - and less afraid.  

She says "I was the one who had turned anxiety into some sort of creepy horror movie character, when really all she was, was a version of me who just wanted to be heard and loved."

Click here for the full story:

How To Make Anxiety Work For You, Not Against You
by Anonymous

via Tiny Buddha

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